March 20, 2023
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A Holiday Destination in Europe: North Macedonia

Macedonia is a very familiar name in Europe. It has a connection with the Roman history the continent shares. Recently also, this name has spotted in the discussion table of the continent. The reason that has brought the name to the discussion table is the dispute between two countries in the continent over the name. Greece has refused to recognise the Republic of Macedonia, one of the youngest countries in the continent, for its name. There is a place named Macedonia in Greece, and the country has an emotional attachment to the name for its Roman history. The issue has been resolved when the young country has agreed to rename the country as the Republic of North Macedonia instead of the Republic of Macedonia.
North Macedonia is a developing country situated in the continent of Europe. It shares borders with Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania and Greece. One of the successor states of Yugoslavia is a member of the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, Central European Free Trade Agreement, World Bank and the World Trade Organisation. The country, which tasted independence in the early 1990s, is an open economy. Its Human Development Index is excellent, as it offers a social security structure, health care system and a free primary and secondary education structure.

Like other European countries, this country also has a depressing history to share. It has witnessed several unpleasant experiences, from battels to subjugations. The freedom the country now enjoys has the taste of blood. The said statement explains the bitterness of its freedom struggle. Fortunately, North Macedonia is now a stable country. Since the year 1991, it has been consistently growing in terms of GDP, economy and Human Development Index. It has brilliantly handled several troubles such as inflation.

Its request for the European Union membership is pending. The main issue that is standing between the request and the approval is its unfriendly relation with certain European Union member countries such as Greece. As it has recently settled its issue with Greece partially, the chance for being inducted as a member of the EU has increased tremendously.

What comes naturally with an EU membership is the opportunity for growth and stability. Once the Republic of North Macedonia wins a seat in the powerful economic union based in the wealthiest continent, it will commence its journey towards greater economic growth and stability.

At present, the North Macedonian economy is as powerful as the European Union economies. Since the independence, it has been steadily liberating its economy. It has come very far from its socialist past towards the liberal future. Its tourism sector has played an important role in its progress, through other sector such as manufacturing and agriculture have helped the country a lot.

It is not surprising that its tourism sector is growing steadily. Though the country is a land locked country with no beaches, it is blessed with beautiful lakes, amazing mountains, picturesque villages, extra-ordinary art, music, culture, cuisine and tradition, and exceptional people.
Ohrid, Skopje, Bitola, Struga and Radozhda are the prime tourist attractions in this truly blessed land, which is known for Lake Ohrid.

Ohrid is a historic town situated on the UNESCO world heritage site of Lake Ohrid. It is one of the oldest towns in the world. The town is home to several historic ruins. Samuel’s Fortress, which was built to protest the town, is the most attractive destination in this part of the world. The town has a different vibe. It is an extremely vibrant town. Its peak can be witnessed during the Ohrid Summer Festival, which draws people from across the continent of Europe. The town is the best place to know the rich culture and tradition of North Macedonia. It is extremely popular for its cafes and restaurants.

Skopje is the capital of North Macedonia. It is home to the majority of the main official buildings of the country. It is a true trade hub. In the recent past, it has proved that it can emerge as a true international trade destination in future. The architecture of the region reflects its complicated past; undoubtedly, it has a Romain influence, a Serbian influence as well as an Ottoman influence. Porta Macedonia, which is a city square, is the most popular attraction in this part of the country. The city is popular for its celebrations. The September 8th Independence Celebration is the most exciting celebration hosted by the city.

Bitola is a real cultural hub. It is special for its beauty. It is home to several amazing mountain ranges such as Kajmakcalan, Baba and Nitze. Its museums, cafes, art galleries, restaurants make it a perfect socialising destination. Bitola Museum and Yeni Mosque are the popular tourist destinations in the country. The region is the right place to spend a peaceful vacation, as its beauty is undefinably exceptional.

Struga is the one which helps North Macedonia to overcome the issue of the lack of beaches. It lies on Lake Ohrid. The main attraction of this city is its calm lake sides. These lake sides are home to several amazing restaurants, cafes and resorts. Unlike other similar destinations in the continent, this destination is highly economical. It is not easy to explain what this city can offer in words. It is something that can only be understood through experience. Simply speaking, it is one of the few regions in this mother earth which can offer a healing effect to soul. In other words, the city has a power to rejuvenate soul.

Radozhda is a picturesque fishing village along the side of Lake Ohrid. As it is situated close to Albania, it possesses a mixed culture. It holds a unique culture, tradition and cuisine, compared to the rest of the country. It is the best place to know about the rural life of North Macedonia. The Saint Archangel Micheal Church is the most popular tourist attraction in this extra-ordinary village.

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