January 21, 2022
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55-year-old, who has been bedridden for five years, got up after taking the Covid vaccine

Dularchand Munda, 55, a resident of Salgadih village in Bokaro district of the state, has been bedridden for the past five years. He received his first dose of Covishield vaccine last Thursday. North Indian media, reported that after the vaccine, he started talking and walking, much to everyone’s surprise.

Dularchand Munda, 55, was the sole breadwinner of the family. He was bedridden after suffering a spinal injury in an accident five years ago. Despite several treatments, he lost his ability to speak and lost the ability to walk. The local anganwadi worker visited the bedridden patient on January 4 and gave him the first dose of the vaccine.

The next day, to the amazement of the family and the natives, Munda began to make noises and move his body on his own. He soon regained his ability to speak. He reportedly started to get up slowly and walk with the help of a stick. Peterwar Community Health Center in-charge Dr. Albela Kerkata reported the incident to the media.

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