March 1, 2024
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Bail Granted for Thushar Vellappally in cheque bounce case

BDJS leader Thushar Vellappally, who was under arrest in Ajman has been granted bail in connection with a cheque bounce case . NRI businessman Yusuff Ali had involved in the issue. The money to be deposited for bail was revoked by Yusuff Ali. A ten-year-old cheque bounce case resulted in Thushar’s arrest on Tuesday.

As Friday and Saturday are public holidays in UAE, efforts for bail were hurried. If not Thushar would have had to spent two more days in jail. Yusuff Ali’s representatives had reached Ajman, where Thushar is imprisoned to deposit money at the court.

Earlier, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan had intervened for the release of Thushar Vellappally. The chief minister had requested in a letter sent to the Union Minister for External Affairs S. Jayashankar, to ensure legal help and medical aid for Thushar. Though Thushar was arrested in a personal case, the chief minister intervened in the issue, considering its social relevance, as Thushar represents a political party and community organisation.

A dishonoured cheque of 10 million Dirham which led to his arrest, was given by him 10 years ago. Cheque bounce case against Thushar was filed by Nazil Abdullah, a Thrissur native settled in Ajman, two days ago.

Thushar was called to a hotel in Ajman from Kerala to reportedly hold a negotiation meeting on the cheque issue. During the discussion, Thushar was arrested by the police based on information given by the complainants.

A company owned by Nazil Abudullah was the subcontractor under Boeing Constructions, a construction company owned by Vellappally Natesan in Ajman. However, Vellappally Natesan sold out the company 10 years ago as it faced huge loss. But Natesan owed money to subcontractor Nazil Abdullah. A bank cheque was given to Nazil to settle this. The case relates to this cheque which had not mentioned a date.

Thushar claims that the cheque has no validity. Money was paid back to Nazil Abdulla in instalments. Adding a new date on the cheque and taking legal actions is betrayal of faith, Thushsar claimed.

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