June 21, 2024
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Bangladesh’s latest Rohingya repatriation attempt fails

The latest attempt by the Bangladesh government to repatriate Rohingya refugees to Myanmar has failed to succeed as no refugees have paid heed to the calls of the government which at present protests as many as two lakh refugees from the embattled Rakhine state.

The International agencies has insisted not to use any coercive methods to send the refugees back to the country from where they fled due to fear for life.

Roughly seven lakh people escaped from the Myanmar’s Rakhine state. A consider number of them reached Bangladesh, which is situated close to Myanmar; which is easily reachable through land from the affected country.

It was a clash between the Rohingyas living in the Myanmar’s Rakhine state and the Burmese military force which has enormous control over the civilian government of the country that led to the fleeing of the Rohingyas.

The coming Sunday will mark the second anniversary of the brutal conflict which claimed several lives; and which left several people hopeless.

Myanmar does not consider Rohingyas as its citizens. It sees them as illegal migrants from Bangladesh.

The zero turn up for the repatriation process means that the refugees still fear to return to their home land.

It is important to come up with new formulas to eliminate fear from the minds of Rohingya refugees.

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