August 3, 2021
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Young, Ambitious and an Achiever: Dr. Thomas Nechupadam

nechupadomOverlooking the beautiful backwaters of Cochin you have Dr Thomas Nechupadam’s office. Even though the office is situated in the heart of the city, it is fathoms away from the din and the bustle. The serenity inside the office is further accentuated by the warm welcome extended to me by Dr. Thomas. Without wasting anytime on formal conversation, Dr. Thomas was updating me about his journey so far.

He hails from Family of Doctors where almost all members are acclaimed dental practitioners. Dr. Thomas as a sought after dental practitioner who remains busy most of the time. Dr.Thomas however moved beyond his call of dentistry to a more holistic approach. He believes that the smile originates from the heart and the individual need to be fully transformed to bear a beautiful smile. Thus a beautiful smile is symbol of confidence and success.

As the head of Metanoeo, he transforms individuals by assisting them on their grooming, dressing and social etiquette. He trains young participants in coveted beauty pageants like Miss South India and Miss Queen of India.

Dr Thomas has proved himself as a successful entrepreneur and a leader who occupies various positions in industrial and commercial bodies. He is currently the director of Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has also proven himself as writer and he writes on a variety of topics. Excerpts from the interview.

Doctor, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, personality trainer and a writer, how do you fit yourself into the diverse roles you are playing? Is it a challenge for you?

Not so much, I consider all the roles I play as an extension of my profession as a dental practitioner. You can see that it’s all closely linked. Every dental practitioner who owns a clinic automatically becomes an entrepreneur. Likewise I am also an entrepreneur, but don’t forget the service commitment behind it. As a dentist, apart from all the medical requirements, we do enhance our client’s confidence. So if you ponder deeper, we will know that a person’s personality is based on his confidence. So as a motivational speaker and personality trainer I enhance an individual’s confidence. Metanoeo, which I head, helps people in their transformational and grooming needs.

Coming to writing; it I s an important tool in which you communicate first with yourself and then to your readers. The process begins in the mind and you communicate within yourself and until you have the clarity of mind you cannot express that in words. So writing is a great exercise to streamline your thoughts before you actually implement it.

I stand by the values that made me, that include honesty, commitment and hard work. So in whatever I do I try to deliver my hundred percentages. Another side always check is for the inherent value in the process. All the stakeholders including the society must benefit from whatever I do. So to answer you my diverse roles challenge me every day to perform to my best

Tell our readers more about Metanoeo ?

The name Metanoeo comes from two Greek words Meta and Noeo.  Meta means change and Noeo is Knowledge. The word then essentially means the change that happens after you acquire knowledge. Metanoeo is a 360 degree grooming company which aims at complete transformation of an individual. We are the official personality groomers for beauty pageants like Miss South India and Miss Queen of India. We do corporate training, and also do training for students in professional colleges.

How did you come to be associated with beauty pageants and tell us readers about the whole experience?

Miss South India and Miss Queen of India are among the prominent beauty pageants In India. While Miss South India is regional, Miss Queen of India is national pageant. Being part of these pageants are proud moments for me.

The experience is really worth it. It is a challenge to train a group of young talented girls who come from different backgrounds and places. We get a short span of 5-10 days to make them perform on the ramp and answer those tough questions asked by the judges. As you know beauty pageants are just not about beauty but also a test of contestant’s intelligence and confidence. We help them to smile in those tense moments.

What is your idea of Smile?

Smile is not something that just reflects on the face, but smile has to come from the heart. A smile is actually the reflection of your inner confidence and strength.  A Malayalam saying articulates this idea perfectly well; it says the mind is reflected on the face like a mirror.

Tell us more about your career as a dental practitioner?

I completed my MDS in 2001 and 13 years I have been practising here in Cochin. I am completely satisfied with this profession. My clients gave me full support all through my career. There is a lot of fulfilment when I see a smiling face standing up from dental chair. I am committed to acquire the latest technology into my clinic, so my patients get the best treatment available in the world at an affordable cost. I am also very particular about the sterilisation and disinfection protocols and I keep the parameters at international levels. I also have good clientele of foreign nationals as my clients. May be you can call it dental tourism.

Dental Tourism?

It is a not so serious word coinage but the reality is that dental care expenses are very high in western countries. For example a simple root canal treatment will cost you up to 800 dollars in the US. Here it may cost less than 100 dollars. So if somebody has to undergo two root canal treatments in US, they may as well come to India, undergo go the treatment and with remaining amount they can enjoy a holiday here.  Isn’t it great proposition?

Yes certainly, like medical tourism?

I have a different take on that, once you have a medical condition it is very difficult to enjoy a holiday. While the expenses are very less in India, the patient however will need extensive rest, medication and frequent check ups. You may term it as medical travel. But when it comes to dental treatment you can very well enjoy your holiday and take home a smile.

You have been associated with Unique Times for long, what is your feedback on the magazine?

I have been associated with Unique Times, right from the first edition.  Initially I used to write a column based on the queries I got as a doctor. I really enjoyed that. Unique Times at the same time was evolving into a business lifestyle magazine, now I write mainly on entrepreneurship and developing entrepreneurial skills.  I feel that that magazine is on the right track and as we go forward we will compete with International magazines.

You are part of several industrial bodies and business associations?

I am a Director with the Kerala Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I am part of CII. Young Indians, the Kerala Management Association, The Indus Entrepreneurs(TiE) and the BNI. I am also part of the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation

What are your future plans?

Our family was into agriculture and farming, two generations before. My grandfather was a farmer. I have a great interest in developing a farm and I always liked farming. Recently I have started a goat farm. I am currently in consultation with a company from Germany called Germany GEA-WEST FALIA SURGE for starting dairy farm in Kerala.

On the dental front, one of my dream projects is a Dental Tourism Spa. I had a spa in one of the deluxe resorts in Cochin. Now I am in the process of starting a Dental Tourism Spa in one of Kochi’s finest hotels.

About your family, is your family supportive of your plans?

My family is very supportive and without which I will not be able to do anything. My wife Dr. Nithia Nechupadam, who is also a dentist by profession, is the power behind all my efforts. We are blessed with three children, Nissi, Nidhi and Noah. My father  Dr. K T Paulose Nechupadam, ( Senior Orthodontist) and my siblings are all dental practitioners, so that I get a lot of support from their side in all my efforts.

What are you hobbies, how do you spend your free time?

I like to spend my free time with my family. That helps me to relax a lot. I also like reading books and travelling.  I write extensively in the Social Media. I am devout Christian and I am blessed immensely by listening to the word of God. I am currently learning music


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