May 28, 2023
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Yediyurappa becomes Karnataka CM for the fourth time

It is the fourth opportunity for BJP veteran leader B S Yediyurappa to lead the only South Indian state where the saffron party is powerful, Karnataka.

He is the man who has helped the BJP to rise to the present status in the state. He is the member of the caste group which has played a significant role in the growth of the BJP in the state, Lingayat.

Unfortunately, in none of the three opportunities he got in the part to lead the state, he could complete his entire term in office.

He always comes to the helm of Karnataka at a turbulent political circumstance. This time is not different.

It was the defeat of the JD(S)-Congress coalition in the recent confident vote that gave the BJP leader the opportunity to reach up to the helm of the state.

He will have to prove his majority in the assembly on Monday. What is crucial for the BJP’s newly inducted government is the upcoming by-elections in the seats which was vacated by the rebel MLAs of the JD(S) and Congress who recently left the coalition paving the way for the march of the BJP to the seat of power.

Will the BJP veteran be able to complete his present term in the top office? What do you think?

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