October 6, 2022
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World Health Day urges us to ‘talk’  



As we celebrate the World Health Day today, it asks us to fight strongly against a serious mental issue called ‘depression’ by encouraging others to talk to us. The metal issues, unlike the physical issues, don’t have any physical symptoms. It is not something which can be easily cured by the modern medication practices. But, the majority of the metal issues can be treated with the help of social support and family support along with proper medication and treatment. As this year’s theme of the World Health Day is the depression, it is urged to encourage ‘talk’ by propagating a slogan: ‘Let’s Talk’. The reality, that the depression is one of the prime causes of suicides among the students and youngsters, highlights the need to bring this deadly disease under control. Recently, when a young Bollywood actress confessed that she was a depression survivor, a serious discussion took place in the mainstream media platforms regarding the subject.

It is believed that such confessions and support from the society will destigmatise this mental condition and thus encourage more victims to seek the support of the psychiatry expert. It is important to identify this disease in the beginning stage itself in order to avoid further dangers, and to educate the society about this disease in order to prevent them from performing any kind of discrimination against the patient who deserves and needs care and support of his/ her society as well as family. It is advised that the respective authorities should conduct awareness camps across the country, make sure that they have covered all vulnerable person particularly youngsters, students and those people who do stressful jobs, and ensure that the psychiatry service is accessible and affordable to all people irrespective of where they live and how much they earn. It is the time to fight this danger. Let’s talk.




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