December 6, 2021
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Women march jolts Mexico

A march, organised by women seeking justice for two teenagers who were allegedly abused by police officials, has jolted the North American city of Mexico.

As many as three hundred people have participated in the march organised in the city. The protesters, armed with pink glitters and spray paints, have gathered around the office of the prosecutor of the city, chanting slogans demanding justice for the teenagers.

It is the two abuse cases that have triggered the protest. Sadly, no serious break through has been achieved in the cases so far. Only one person has been arrested in connection with the cases yet.

Mexico is one of the dangerous countries for women in the earth. Violence against women is normal here.

This is the first time the country has witnessed such a great protest in connection with the matter of violence against women.

Many consider this development as a new beginning. Many have responded in favour of the protesters.

Meanwhile, the city administration has termed the protest as provocation. They have alleged that the protesters want them to use force against them. They have asserted that they would not use force against the protesters.

A minister who has tried to assure the protesters that the culprits will be brought to justice as early as possible has been greeted with pink glitters, giving a clear indication that this time they are not going to settle for mere lip service but want concrete action on the ground.

In the coming days, the city is expected to witness more serious protests in connection with this issue.

It is hoped that the newly emerged movement will overturn the situation in the city from bad to good and will make the city safer for women.

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