June 21, 2024
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‘Why do rich people go to court for tax exemption’? Madras High Court criticizes Dhanush

Madras High Court slams actor Dhanush for tax evasion on imported luxury car Asked why the rich are approaching the courts for tax relief, Justice SM Subramaniam observed that even the poor who pay Rs 50 for petrol pay taxes and they do not approach the courts for any relief. The Madras High Court has rejected Dhanush’s plea to withdraw his 2015 petition seeking entry tax exemption for a luxury car.

“If your intention is honest, you should have paid the tax at least after 2018, when the Supreme Court ruled in your favor. But when the High Court lists the old petition, you come up with a request to withdraw it. A milkman and a day laborer pay taxes on every liter of petrol. None of them are approaching the court with the demand to get rid of it. You should be prepared to pay tax on as many cars as you buy. If you need a helicopter, buy one. But must pay taxes accurately. Do not prolong it. There is no doubt that you have the right to approach the court. But at least after 2018, when the Supreme Court ruled, you should have paid the tax and withdrawn the petition, “Justice Subramaniam said.

The court also asked if he was aware of the Vacation Litigation Act. “The High Court does not have time to hear honest complaints due to such unresolved petitions,” Justice Subramaniam said. The court also asked him to pay the remaining tax.

Dhanush had approached the court in 2015 seeking exemption from entry tax on a Rolls Royce car imported from the UK. Dhanush’s lawyer had approached the court to withdraw his earlier plea stating that he had paid 50 per cent tax and was ready to pay the remaining tax.

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