February 25, 2024
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Woman Fights Off Tiger To Save 1-Year-Old Son In Madhya Pradesh

In Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, not far from the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, a mom displayed extraordinary bravery by fending off a tiger in order to save her son from its jaws. Both the mom and her youngster were hurt in the tiger assault in Rohaniya village earlier this week and are now being treated at a hospital. They are in a stable state.

“People were reportedly coming to watch the tiger because it was roaming free (outside of the tiger reserve). The woman, however, was unaware of the tiger. They were both taken to a government hospital after the incident caused injuries to them both. They were eventually relocated to Jabalpur Medical College. The mother and kid are both doing well right now, “Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve manager Lavit Bharti stated.

When his mother was tending to their farm, the tiger attacked the boy, who was just one and a half years old. Every time the tiger attacked, the mom sheltered her infant and kept going. The woman had no means of defence against the tiger, it should be stated.

She continued to cry out for assistance though, which alerted the people, who drove the beast away. While his mother sustained wounds throughout her body, the youngster only sustained head wounds. The injured mother had taken the child to the farm when the tiger attacked her, according to Bhola Chowdhary, the woman’s husband. She was completely unaware that a tiger was outside. She led the kid to the property where the tiger was laired.

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