March 4, 2024
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Wittily responding to a female fan who requested Shah Rukh Khan’s WhatsApp number

In an Ask SRK session that took place on Twitter on Saturday, Shah Rukh Khan was his usual funny self. The Bollywood celebrity admitted that although he was occupied with shooting, he still made time for fan contact.

SRK provided some life advise and responded to questions about movies and fitness during the Q&A session. Fans who had the opportunity to communicate with SRK online would consider themselves lucky. He will next be spotted in Pathaan. On January 25, the movie will be released on a large screen.

When a female fan inquired about his WhatsApp number so she could message him, Shah Rukh Khan once again showed his comedic side. A query said, “Dear ShahRukh: Please provide your WhatsApp number, sir. Ap se baath kar ke wapas delete kardungi number (sic).” Responding to this, SRK wrote, “I am phone and messaging unfriendly (sic).”

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