November 30, 2021

When You Do What You Love, It Will Never Feel Like a Job!

When You Do What You Love, It Will Never Feel Like a Job!-Unique Times

When You Do What You Love, It Will Never Feel Like a Job!-Unique Times

The title of this article is an inspiration from a comic strip which I saw while browsing through Facebook. A newborn baby takes the pen out of his dad’s pocket and starts drawing on his father’s face, then as a toddler, he draws all over the walls of the house, then he continues to keep drawing on anything and everything he can get his hands on, and finally there is a scene showing of him sitting at a table with a casual office attire drawing on a drawing board.

We have always dreamed of what we will be when we are all grown up. And then when we become just what we have lifelong aspired to be, we find that life is just a strain! All our energy and time is spend in our office working, working, and more working! You have realized that you have time for nothing else. And there are some who even when they take time to go on a cruise, or somewhere on vacation, the cell phone keeps on ringing and there’s no way to switch off the work mode.

Eventually this only leads to lacking dedication to our work. See the point that you are at your present job because it is where you wanted to be and what you dreamed of doing. Even if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted to do as a child, dreams of course change over the course of everyone’s lives. But you chose this path, and there was a reason you chose it.

Just like the comic strip, there is something we always loved doing, and we have reached our goal of attaining our job because of our love or talent for what we are and have always been good at. And when you used to do your “job” before stepping into the cubical space, you never considered as a “job,” but something which you just loved to do. The reason that we feel so burdened is because of the concept of the term “job.” When you apply this word to what you do, it seems to carry a load in itself. So when you to go office, minus the title of a “job” and try to change your perspective, because the way you look at things will help to make you love what you’re doing. Even as I write this article, for me this isn’t a “job,” but my passion. My passion for writing is what is inspiring me to write this very article. It is something which I have dreamt of doing since I was little.

When you are in front of many in a meeting, or when you presenting to your clients, your ideas and works, though you have to put up a serious front, you should think that this isn’t a “job,” but rather your “passion.” The way of thinking impacts the ending result of what you set out to do. The mental concept of certain terms however tends burden down the entire activity which usually writes out the concoction for the perfect disaster. So instead of waking up and feeling you have to drag yourself to the office, learn to love what you are doing. If you can’t love what you are doing, then its probably time that you call quits and find a new job!

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