June 14, 2024
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What is Black Ocean? Why do Kpop Idols fear Black Ocean?

Kpop industry is a vast industry with a huge number of fans.  black ocean is a horrible trend where the fans turn off their light sticks and phones to show a lack of support to the particular group or artist performing on stage.

Every Kpop fandom has their own lightsticks. These light sticks are used by their fans to show their love and affection to artists during performances. Their popularity and talent always creates great expectations and the same fans gives a black ocean by turning their lightsticks off to show that they aren’t satisfied or hate the artist for some reason. This is something every Kpop idol fears.


This is how a stadium look when the fans light their lightsticks.

Black Ocean usually occur due to rivalries between the fandoms. Fan wars are the main reason that the idols has to face this terrific situation. Lets go through some of the horrifying Black Ocean incidents experienced by Kpop Groups.

Girls Generation

In 2008,  Girls’ Generation was still a rookie girl band in Korea. The Dream Concert was held on June 7, 2008. There were so many stars who performed at the event, like Super Junior, DBSK, Wonder Girls and so on. But Girls Generation had to face the horrifying 10-minutes “black ocean” at that time.


Seventeen got one when they were rookies. It was during the 2015 MAMA awards they got a black ocean. While they were performing fans of other groups decided to turn off their lightsticks. Their fandom CARATS didn’t have lightsticks so they didn’t have anything to light the stadium with to prevent the black ocean.


Twice received one of these black ocean during their debut. As their fandom was not so big the black ocean effected the girls very badly.

Idols are performing to entertain us and are giving their best. If you don’t like a particular group its totally up to you but never show disrespect for their hard work. They are hiding their pain and emotion only for us, so in return the only thing we  have to do is to encourage them.

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