August 14, 2022
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Wedding Pic: Nayanthara And Vignesh Shivan Are Married. He Tweeted, “On A Scale Of 10…”

On Thursday, Nayanthara and filmmaker Vignesh Shivan married in Mahabalipuram in front of their family and close friends. On his Twitter account, Vignesh Shivan posted the first photo from the wedding, along with a mushy caption that read: “On a scale of one to ten, she’s Nayan, and I’m the only one. With God’s grace, the universe, and all of our parents’ and best friends’ blessings. Nayanthara has recently married.”

In his tweet, he included the hashtags #WikkiNayan and #wikkinayanwedding. Nayanthara wore a red saree to the wedding, while the groom wore a beige ensemble. Jade by Monica and Karishma designed both of the ensembles. In 2015, the celebrity couple began dating.

Vignesh Shivan shared a special post for Nayanthara on Instagram ahead of the wedding. He wrote: “Today is June 9th and it’s Nayan’s. Thanking God , the universe, the goodwill from all the lovely human beings who have crossed my life. Every good soul, every good moment, every good coincidence, every good blessing, everyday at shooting and every prayer that has made life this beautiful! I owe it all to the good manifestations and prayers. Now, It’s all dedicated to the love of my life Nayanthara. My Thangamey! Excited to see you walking up the aisle in a few hours. Praying God for all the goodness and looking forward to starting a new chapter officially in front of our beloved family and the best of friends.”

When Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan were working together on Naanum Rowdy Dhaan in 2015, they began dating. At an award ceremony in 2016, the couple confirmed their relationship.

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