June 23, 2024
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Water helps to fight ‘ageing’

How many glasses of water do you drink a day? The unfortunate fact is that most of us don’t have a habit of drinking more than ten glasses of water a day. We are either unaware about the wonders this marvellous compound called the H2O do in our body or least bothered about the health of our body.

Do you know water fights ageing?

The fact is that when you drink water it not only helps in regulating your body temperature but also it takes oxygen to our body cells.

It also has the ability to protect our joints and organs. Importantly, it helps our skin to maintain its youthfulness.

So, try to drink at least 14 to 15 glasses of pure drinking water each day. Don’t fall into the habit of drinking soft drinks.

Always keep one thing in your mind that there is no alternative to water in this world.

Conserve this liquid and use it wisely.






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