November 30, 2021

Vodafone Cries Over Deals Struck by Telefonica in Spain

telefonica-vodafone-LogoBritish company Vodafone has filed a complaint against their Spanish rival Telefonica. Apparently Telefonica is abusing its position in Spain in order to reduce the competition for telecoms, internet, and the television services.

As Vodafone filed their complaint on Friday, it is comes as competition in Spain’s market as sources state that Vodafone is studying a big for the cable operator Ono. On Monday Vodafone also accused the former Spanish state monopoly in having abused its position by striking a deal with the competitor Jazztel.

Reuters reported that Vodafone had stated that Telefonica had tried to control the share of Spain’s fibre optic networks which can offer high speed internet and large data transfers. The aim for Telefonica to have struck the deal with Jazztel over the fibre optic and networks in October of 2012 according to Vodafone is to make it difficult for Vodafone to compete as they do not have fibre optic networks. According to Vodafone in 2013 Telefonica had also made a deal with Telia Sonera’s Yoigo, which Vodafone has also complained about saying that these practices will only “leave fewer choices for consumers.”

Reacting to these complaints, a spokesman for Telefonica stated that, “all of (their) deals are legal. (they) have shown that (they) are willing to sign deals with everyone.”


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