August 4, 2020
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Growing Older Pain’s for Obama

obamaAs everyone becomes older, at a certain point in age, they all start complaining about their pains of getting older, and like many President Barak Obama is starting to complain the same about his aches and pains of becoming older.  Obama begin to discuss the aging process during an exchange about his signature healthcare reform law saying that when your past 50 years old, when you wake up something might be hurting and you are unsure as to what had happened.

In an interview with the retired National Basketball Association star Charles Barkley before the NBA All-Star Game, Obama said that he had been limiting his basketball playing to once a month since “things happen.” “One is, you just get a little older and creakier. The second thing is you’ve got to start thinking about elbows and (about breaking your) nose right before a State of the Union address.”

Though Obama has set a limit to how many times he may shoot the hoops in a month, he said he enjoys watching his 12 year old daughter Sasha play basketball.As Charles Barkley commented that he struggled watching his own daughter play as he wants her to be really good at basketball, Obama commented that he thinks “it’s a difference if you are a hall of Gamer. You probably have a higher standard than somebody who was a good high school player.”

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