June 29, 2022
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Violence jolts Tripura; BJP-CPI (M) clashes reported


A state of violence has erupted between the supporters of saffron party and leftist in the North-Eastern state of Tripura, soon after the declaration of the assembly election result which confirmed the ouster of the CPI (M)-led government, which have been ruling consecutively in the state for last twenty-five years, and the arrival of the BJP-led government, which had been a less relevant party in the state with a slender vote base of below two per cent until this election.

The Union Home Minister, Rajnath Singh, has asked the state government and the state police department to stay vigilant and take appropriate and stern actions against the perpetrators of the unacceptable state of violence.

In the violence, several party workers and supporters have been injured. Till now, those who handle the law and order have failed to articulate a feasible solution to the prevailing violence.

Tripura is one of the places where sever clashes and attacks have been reported. In South Tripura, a statue of communist icon Lenin has been demolished with the aid of a bulldozer.

Such kinds of violent behaviours of the party workers, who are supposed to live as model persons of the society, are intolerable.

It is high time to eliminate the irrational culture of violence of the party workers from the society?


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