April 16, 2024
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BJP leader’s irresponsible FB post agent Periyar triggers uproar in TN


An irresponsible post published by a BJP national secretary has triggered uproar in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, putting the saffron party in a defenceless situation.

In a Facebook post, the BJP leader has called the Dravidar Kazhagam leader as a casteist. Though the post, the leader has forecasted that the statues of the Dravida leader will be removed just like how Lenin’s statue was removed in Tripura.

Though the post has been removed, the controversy it has created has not come to rest until now. Various political leaders, including DMK leader Stalin, PMK leader Ramadoss, CPI (M) leader Balakrishnan, have strongly criticised the BJP leader.

When the DMK leader has demanded a strict legal action against those who come up with provocative statements intending to destabilise the Southern State, the PMK leader has gone a step further by threatening that the hands of those who touch Periyar statue with evil thoughts will be severed.

Meanwhile, a latest report says that two drunkards have pelted stones at the statue of Periyar erected in a taluk office in Tiruppattur.     

At this moment, it is not clear what have motivated them to do such a provocative action in a time when the state is seriously discussing the importance of Periyar statue.

An unverified report claims that of the two, one of the men is a BJP worker and other is a CPI worker.      


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