June 14, 2024
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Vehicle re-registration fee has been increased to 8 times

The Ministry of Transport has issued a notification raising the rates for renewal of vehicle registration. This is part of the implementation of the vehicle demolition policy.

There will be no registration fee for the new vehicle on presentation of the demolition certificate. The re-registration fee for buses will be increased by 12.5 times and the re-registration fee for cars by eight times. It will come into effect from April 1 next year.

So far, the renewal fee has been half the registration fee for new vehicles. Failure to renew the registration will result in a fine of Rs 300 per month for the motorcycle and Rs 500 for other non-transport vehicles. If you want to make a new RC smart card, you have to pay a fee of Rs 200. Failure to renew the fitness certificate will result in a fine of Rs 50 per day. The notification issued in March in this regard has been amended as per the public opinion.

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