April 16, 2024
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Using Rubik’s Cubes, a fan creates an image of cricket player Dinesh Karthik

A fan created a Rubik’s Cube depiction of cricketer Dinesh Karthik in honour of his maiden game leading the Indian men’s cricket team.

The enormous portrait’s construction was chronicled in a film by Prithveesh K Bhat, a well-known speedcuber and mosaic artist. Several workers can be seen constructing cubes on the floor in the time-lapse footage before Dinesh Karthik’s face appears. Bhat stated that 600 Rubik Cubes were used to create the mosaic picture while tweeting the video. His message received thousands of likes and over 80,000 views before going viral.

A Twitter user praised the creativity used to create the portrait and said, “Unreal. simply fantastic wonderful sort of art. Persist in it.

Prithveesh’s art is wonderful, a different Twitter user commented. demonstrates that you are one of Dinesh Karthik Anna’s top fans. You are a really wonderful person because you made this artwork merely because he was captain in a few practise games.

Also praising the artwork, Dinesh Karthik remarked, “Very excellent work prithvi. Highly outstanding,” I tweeted as I reposted the video.

Last Friday in Derby, Dinesh Karthik captained Team India in a warm-up game against England. India won the game by seven wickets while he served as captain. Karthik had his first chance to serve as team captain in this situation.

After the match, the 37-year-old cricketer thanked his fans for their support and tweeted, “Have been around for many years but this was the first time I led the team in blue. Even though it was a warm-up game, it felt special and a great honour. Big thanks to all who have always supported and for the wishes. Proud of being a part of this team”.

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