March 1, 2024

US film fest: Tirupur girl wins the award for best child actress

The best child actress award at the Los Angeles Film Awards was bagged by K Mahashwetha, of Angeripalayam for her role in a Malayalam short film.

“I love watching movies and I am very much interested in acting too,” said Mahashwetha and she also added,”My favourite actress is the national award winner Keerthy Suresh.”

The class IV girl won the award for her performance in the Malayalam short film ‘Aaroduparayum'(to whom should I tell?). The short film was directed by Sujith Dass and was produced by child artist’s father P U Krishnan.

“Mahashwetha loves acting and the director gave her the much-needed confidence. She was well-suited for the role in the short film, which showcased how a child was longing for love and attention from the “busy” parents. The story is very relevant to the today’s times.” said P U Krishnan, a chartered accountant.

He also added that the short film was shot with professional camera and equipment. “We had an experienced technical team. It was produced at a cost of Rs 1.5 lakh.”

The director submitted the film at LAFA, a monthly film and screenplay competition for filmmakers worldwide. Mahashwetha won the award among the contestants from across 60 countries.

None of the film crew had attended the award ceremony held in Los Angeles on August 2 said Krishnan. “Mahashwetha has received the certificate and she would get the memento soon” said Krishnan.

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