December 1, 2021
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Union Minister rescues fellow passenger during flight; Prime Minister said that the doctor is always in the heart

The Prime Minister lauded the timely intervention of the Union Minister in rescuing a passenger (primary medical assistance). Union Minister Dr Bhagwat Kishanrao Karad, who is also a doctor, assisted the passenger on the flight. The Union Minister was traveling on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Mumbai. One hour after takeoff, one of the passengers began to show signs of discomfort.

Realizing the plight of the passengers, the flight attendants were busy checking to see if there were any doctors among the passengers. With this, Bhagwat Krishna Rao, who is also a surgeon, came to the rescue of the traveler. The passenger was given glucose as per the instructions of the Union Minister who gave him first aid and examined him. The flight reached Mumbai 45 minutes later. By then, the forty-year-old passenger had become unwell. After arriving at the airport, he was taken for expert examination. The minister later responded that the passenger, who was sweating as well, had low blood pressure.

Praising the Union Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he was a doctor at heart. Bhagwat Krishna Rao Karat is the Rajya Sabha MP from Maharashtra. Bhagwat Krishna Rao Karate joined the Cabinet in July 2012. Bhagwat Krishna Rao, the mayor of Aurangabad, also owns a hospital here. Indigo Airlines thanked the Union Minister for his timely intervention.

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