September 26, 2022
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UK’s controversial political campaign firm worked in developing countries like India: Whistleblower


While speaking to a parliamentary committee of the United Kingdome’s parliament, a whistleblower, who exposed the illegal activities of a UK-based political campaign firm, has claimed that the UK’s controversial political campaign company has worked in several developing countries including India and their activities have inflected serious injuries on the democratic framework of those developing countries where they worked.

Christopher Wylie, who recently claimed that the Cambridge Analytica, the UK-based political campaign firm, illegally mined the personal data of several Facebook users from the, so called, secure social media platform using specially designed apps in order to use it in the political campaign process without the consent or knowledge of those whose information are stolen, has informed the UK’s parliament committee that the company has acted or behaved as an imperial power who often decides and dictates how the democratic process of the subordinate countries must function.

Anyway, the whistleblower has not said with whom the company in which he once worked operated in India.

It is believed that the Congress Party is the one which used the service of the UK-based firm in the election.

Anyway, there are assumptions that apart from the grand old party several other parties including the prime national parties have used the service of the firm.


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