July 15, 2020
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UK takes initiative to ease tension in Gulf

The UK has taken initiative to ease tension in the Gulf region. The country has invited its European counterparts to Brussels to discuss the Iran issue. The initiative is led by United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. Most of his European counterparts have met him in Brussels lately.

The UK, France and Germany are the main European countries who are worried about the developments in the Gulf region.

In the effort to resolve the crisis, these three countries are at the forefront. They have already expressed their disagreement with the US’ move to make the situation worst in the Gulf region.

Any disturbance in Iran amounts to the partial or even total blockage of the oil shipments from the Gulf region to the outside world.

None of the European powers wish that to happen, as such a development means the partial or even total destruction of their trade relation with the region.

It was the walkout of the US from the Iran nuclear treaty that brought disturbance to the region. Its decision to impose economic sanction against Iran contributed to make the situation in the region bad from worse.

Recently, the tension between the US and Iran touched its peak. It even reached near the edge of a complete outburst.

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