December 6, 2021

Two labourers, forced to enter septic tank, died in Delhi

Around two labourers, who were allegedly forced by their employer to enter a septic tank located in an under-construction site owned by him, has died in Delhi.

Around three others, who were with the deceased persons in their task, have been taken to a hospital as they have been found unconscious in the site. The three have not yet recovered from danger.

The police have registered a case. Section 304 of the IPC has been charged. Apart from that, certain sections of SC/ST Act and the Prohibition of Employment as Manual Scavengers and Rehabilitation Act have been also charged. An investigation is on. The post-mortem report is not yet released. It is expected that the report will ascertain the actual cause of death.

It is learned that the family members of the affected persons, including the deceased and the injured, have strongly blamed the employer.

It is hoped that the police authorities will resolve the mystery behind the death of the two inside the septic tank in few days.

Manual scavenging is illegal in India. The country has recently brought in a strong law against the practice. It is unfortunate to know that still in certain regions people are forced to do this banned job.

Vignesh. S. G
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