June 26, 2022
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Turkey’s S-400 purchase from Russia angers the US

The Turkey government’s decision to purchase the S-400 surface to air missile defence system has angered the United States, with whom Ankara earlier inked a deal to purchase its F-35 fighter jets.

The first part of the system has reached Turkey lately. The information has been acknowledged by the Turkish defence ministry itself.

The US, meanwhile, has expressed its opposition openly. It has indirectly indicated its plan to go back from its agreement to sell its F-35 fighter jets to Turkey.

Turkey earlier reached an agreement with the US to buy as many as 100 F-35 fighter jets.

What disturbs the US is its fear that Russia will identify the vulnerabilities of its most powerful fighter jet.

The US suspects that the presence of the F-35 fighter jets and the S-400 missile defence system together in Turkey will help Russia to do experiments with both.

Though Turkey is a member of NATO, it is more close to Russia than to the United States.

The latest move will move Ankara further away from the US and closer to Russia, which is at present in bad terms with both the European Union and the US.

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