April 5, 2020
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SC refuses to stay Delhi Govt policy to install CCTV cameras in Govt Schools

The Supreme Court of India has declined to encourage the petition submitted against the Delhi government’s decision to install closed circuit television cameras in the public schools that operate under the control of the state.

The top court of the country has found unconvincing the argument that the decision amounts to the violation of the privacy of students and of the right to privacy judgement recently delivered by the SC.

Earlier, in the same issue, the top court sent notice to the Delhi government which developed the policy.

The main allegation against the policy is that the government did not seek the permission of the parents of the students study in the Delhi government schools before the creation of the policy.

A section argues that the government could have asked the permission of the parents of the students before the introduction of the policy.

It is assumed that the policy was articulated to ensure the safety of the students study in the government schools. It means that the intention of the policy makers is positive.

It is hoped that in the future the Government of Delhi will follow a democratic model of policy making.

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