June 23, 2024
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Turkey asks Europe to support its effort to built safe zone for refugees in North Syria

Turkey has asked the Europe to support its effort to built a safe zone for migrants in the northern part of Syria, which is close to the country’s border with the war embattled country, in which the country’s prime rival, Kurdish community, are mainly based.

The country has even pressurized the Europe to accept its suggestion. The country has warned that it may have to open its gates for another migrant flow to the Europe if the latter fails to accept its suggestion.

The Kurdish community in Syria fought alongside the US against the Islamic State militants. It created a independent province in the northern part of Syria, where Turkey now wants to create a safe zone.

The present Turkish regime is in an indirect war with the Kurdish community in the country. It believes that the Kurdish community in Turkey receives support from their counterparts in Syria.

The latest suggestion of Turkey in that sense is political in nature. It clearly aims to create a Turkey controlled zone near the place where the Kurdish province in Syria exists.

In a normal circumstance, the Europe is less likely to accept such a wicked suggestion. It seems that Turkey aims to make the west accept its suggestion with its pressure tactics.

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