October 3, 2022
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Traces of nitrogen suggest past Life on Mars

Traces of nitrogen suggest past Life on Mars -Unique Times

Traces of nitrogen suggest past Life on Mars -Unique Times

Discovery of nitrates on the red planet has led to the conclusion that Mars was habitable for life on it. The NASA’s Curiosity Rover has found compounds of nitrates on it, which gives a clue that there was a possibility of past life on the planet. Nitrates are a class of molecules that contain nitrogen in a form that can be used by living organisms. But still there is no evidence to suggest that the fixed nitrogen molecules found by the team were created by life on it. Instead they think that it is caused due to meteorite impacts and lighting on Mars’ which happened long back. Nitrogen is normally found on Earth and Mars in the form of nitrogen dioxide gas as two atoms locked together very tightly whereby they will not react easily with other molecules. In order to react with other molecules, they need to be first separated. Recently, the robot had also discovered methane emissions near the Martian surface but its source still remains unknown. Aliens or living creatures are not expected on Mars instead the scientists expect Curiosity Rover to analyze soil and rocks for the signs of life are present now or may have been existed in the past. It also aims for a possible human mission for the coming years. US President Barack Obama is on the plan of sending humans to the planet by 2030.

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