August 11, 2020

Top New features that we missed in WhatsApp

WhatsApp frequently updates the app with latest features for users. While there are exciting features like dark mode, notification previews to come on WhatsApp, there are a bunch of features which are available for users right now.

This year, WhatsApp has mainly focused on privacy and security of users. By doing so, it has arised features which give users more control over their privacy on WhatsApp. There are features which makes WhatsApp more interactive for users. Here’s a look at the latest and exciting features on WhatsApp.

Frequently forwarded

WhatsApp’s frequently forwarded tool is an expansion of the company’s efforts to control spam on the app. This feature will help users identify messages which have been forwarded more than five times. This would indicate that the frequently forwarded message is most likely spam.

Fingerprint unlock

It was first introduced for iPhones, but recently it hits the Android phones, although in beta. As the name itself suggests, WhatsApp now has a built-in fingerprint lock which is located in the ‘Privacy’ section of the app. While enabling this it will let users unlock WhatsApp with their fingerprint. Users can also hide WhatsApp content from notifications.

Group invitation

Another privacy feature on WhatsApp is group invitation which prevents being added to multiple groups. It is found under the privacy menu, users can now choose if everyone, nobody or their contacts can add them to WhatsApp Group. Those who choose nobody will instead get an invitation from the group to join the WhatsApp group.

Algorithm-based Status tab

Facebook announced it would change the way it shows WhatsApp status to users. Presently, WhatsApp shows Status updates sequentially. With the new change it will show Status based on which users are interacted with the most. This is similar to how the feed on Facebook and Instagram work.

Consecutive voice messages

Useful for people who converse through multiple voice messages, this feature lets users listen to them in peace. Now, instead of opening every voice message on WhatsApp users can start with one and rest of it will play consecutively.

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