June 20, 2024
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WhatsApp Back After Longest Outage Ever, Meta Sorry For “Inconvenience”

Following its longest-ever downtime of roughly two hours, messaging service WhatsApp is back up. It stopped functioning in India and other nations shortly after midday. Users noted that it was unstable when they returned, however restoration started at 2.15 pm. The bugs gradually disappeared. “Today’s WhatsApp message transmission issues are well known. We Continue Reading
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Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram disrupted; Zuckerberg lost Rs 44,732 crore

Mark Zuckerberg has lost $ 6 billion (approximately Rs 44,732 crore) after a seven-hour strike of leading social media company Facebook. Bloomberg reported that the worldwide service outage had caused such a huge loss. Facebook and its associates Instagram and WhatsApp were disrupted around 9pm Indian time on Monday. Zuckerberg apologized for the inconvenience caused […]Continue Reading