February 25, 2024
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Top Foods That Will Make Every 90s Kid Nostalgic

Do you still feel delighted when you come across a pack of phantom cigarettes or a bag of pan pasand toffees in a store? We too! Nothing compares to the excitement of occasionally discovering a few of them in a city nook.

These culinary memories unquestionably make us happy to have been a part of the generation that experienced the most innovative food products ever. Everyone has always loved these candies, and drinking Bantas and Frooti has undoubtedly been a thing. Here is a list of dishes that every Indian kid from the 1990s may connect to:

  • Chatmola

Someone is lying if they say they can stop after just one Chatmola pack. Only after consuming at least three packs of these tiny maroon balls can you rationalise that you’re finished for the day. We will always remember the flavour of chatpata and the elephant on the package.

  • Boomer

One of the first chewing gums that we discovered. Yep, people still know that baby boomer. Their tagline, Boom Boom Boomer, is still fresh in our minds, and we’ll never forget the pink and white, almost candy-like flavour. Gum chewing and blowing enormous bubbles in class were essentially frowned upon at the time.

  • Phantom Cigarettes

This one doesn’t require a light source. Embrace it! Let’s pretend to smoke this tasty cigarette while pretending to seem cool. Without a doubt, everyone has done this once in their lives.

  • Mango Bite Candies

Throughout the season, these mango-flavored treats saved us from missing mangoes because they were widely accessible. Mango bites were the first mango confection to be created in India. Mangoes tasted fantastic, and the experience of them gently rolling down your throat was unforgettable.

  • Poppins

The most memorable conflict arose when your personal favourite ran out and you had to purchase an entire new pack of these delightful little delights. Another example might be the siblings’ argument over a certain colour or flavour. Does this situation ring a bell? Testing different Parle Poppins hues to determine how they tasted.

  • Wowie

Ah, the perfect chocolate for any kid who enjoys Mickey, Goofy, and the other Disney characters. This product was introduced by Cadbury but eventually disappeared. It was, nonetheless, a big success.

  • Parle Kismi

Everyone was persuaded by this fabled confection that combining caramel and elaichi may result in wonderful effects. Formerly only available in one flavour, this candy is now offered in a number of Indian flavours, including Kulfi, Rajbhog, Rose Milk, and Meetha Pan. Since it was frequently shared by couples in the 1990s, this sweet was also reprimanded by stern elders.

These are just a few of the nostalgic foods. Which one is your favourite our of this list?

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