May 30, 2024
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Top 5 underrated Indian horror movies you shouldn’t miss

Horror genre movies are always exciting to watch even if it’s frightening. There are some of the Indian movies which brought a new flavour to horror movies. Here we are going through some of the underrated but must watchable horror movies.


Tumbbad is a properly scary horror film, that has been shot beautifully, and has an amazing sound design. But then, you really can’t expect anything else from a film that has Anand Gandhi at the helm. Tumbbad works on a number of levels; it is a properly, scary-looking film, with its fair share of surprises, while also diving much deeper into the human psyche. Also, the background scores of the film deserve a special mention. Certainly one of the best sounding films on this list.


Prosit Roy’s Pari is the kind of horror that restraints and chokes you with an incipient fear. Anushka Sharma is seen playing the lead role with Bengali actor Parambrata Chatterjee.

13B:Fear has a new address

It is not necessary to have a ghost figure to make a horror movie, 13B is a example of it. There certainly are some issues with the film – it has some eerie similarities to a lot of Hollywood horror films that came out in the 60s, and at times feels a little slow-paced. However, R Madhavan’s acting brings chills, plus the proper manner in which it toys with your mind is worth the watch. The film has a really hard-hitting twist ending which has been the subject of debate for the film’s fans.


Maya is a tamil horror movie starring Nayantara in the lead role. The story revolves around an aspiring actress watching a horror film alone in a theatre at night, and solves a murder mystery. This movie has done a complete justice to horror genre by the story line and it’s nerve wrecking background score.


Bulbbul is fashioned as a sharply relevant fable. It is a powerfully feminist, revisionist tale of a woman wronged, and it is told with economy, precision, style and feeling. Its not a scary horror flick its not made to scare you instead it makes you deeply think the ghost that exist inside the society. It’s not a ordinary so called horror but a fabulous and gripping contemporary mysterious folklore like Bengali Gothic.

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