June 3, 2023
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Indo-Pak relation slowly getting back to normal  


Showing a clear sign of melting down of tension between India and Pakistan, the Indian government has agreed to attend the next ‘Permanent Indus Committee’ meeting in order to make serious deliberations on the Indus Water Treaty. As per the report, the World Bank is the mediator of the new developments in the Indo-Pak relation. Recently, Kristalina Georgieva, the World Bank CEO, visited the country and talked to prominent government representatives such as Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Noteworthy, she had also met Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif few weeks before. Though it is not clear what was the main topics raised during the vital discussion sessions, if we observe the new economic and political developments in the regions that she visited closely we can know it. However, it is learned that the next PIC meeting is likely to happen in March this year. In another major development, the SAARC Secretary-General post has been finally given to the Pakistani representative, Amjad Hussein B Sial, with the support of the Indian representatives. As per the general procedures, the Pakistani representative was supposed to occupy the position in the last year. But, the Indian government’s opposition acted as a strong hindrance for the Pakistani representative to get into the position. These two developments are seen by many as a positive momentum towards achieving peace and strong foreign relation in the region. Experts say that we must dream of the formation of a kind of society which considers the border line not as something that separates two regions but as something that unites two regions.


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