May 29, 2024
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TMC supremo meets PM Modi: opposition suspects an alliance effort

Letting enough space for the possibility of an alliance, Trinamool Congress leader and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee met Prime Minister Modi last day. Media reported that the opposition is suspecting a NDA-TMC alliance in the coming West Bengal assembly elections next year.Meanwhile, denouncing the alliance theory as a baseless one, Mamtha Banerjee claims that she was trying to convince the center government for releasing the pending funds.The former Bengal government had put the state government into a deep trouble of debits, she further claims. Mamtha asserts that predominant part of the state revenue is currently used to repay the center debit. Demanding an increase in the center funds, she said the new government projects need more funds, so the center should increase the funds. Media reported that, PM and some top officials participated in the meeting with Banerjee. It added that followed by the meeting, an exclusive discussion between PM and WC CM had happened. However, the meeting has raised strong speculations about the motives of the new political development. Some opponents allege that TMC supremo was trying to secure Union Government’s help to quash the CBI case against the TMC leaders; earlier this year; the CBI team had arrested some top TMC leaders in connection with the Sharadha Scam case. Since then the opposition is suspecting the involvement of more TMC leaders in the case. In the forthcoming West Bengal assembly elections, it seems the scam will inflict severe setback to the ruling Trinamool congress party. Meanwhile, Trinamool political source ridicules all allegations against the party regarding the scam. While Sonia Gandhi is celebrating her birthday today, Mamtha is scheduled to visit the Congress Chief; this move is providing a narrow hope to the old party in Bengal. Earlier, there were reports that TMC supreme had earlier met the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi during the Bihar election campaign. However, while speaking to Medias, Mamtha said the Bengal needs immediate funds for the rehabilitation of the people from the flood affected area.


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