January 21, 2022
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Amidst ruckus, Parliament passes Indian Trusts bill

While the Parliament is disturbed by the opposition’s protest over the National Herald issue, the ruling NDA government had managed to pass the Indian Trusts Amendment bill.It was one of the significant bills tabled before the House for the lawmaker’s consideration on this session.During the second consecutive day of the opposition’s interruption, the chances for passing the bill was certainly feeble.To ensure the uninterrupted parliament proceedings, the key bill was presented by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitly. The bill is seeking public support to spike out the section 20 from the century old law; and it will provide some differences in the trust investment regulations. The principal Trust Act was initially proposed by the British government on late 19th century.Meanwhile, when the bill was tabled on Yesterday in the afternoon session, the opposition parties staged a strong interruption in the house. Several times, the interruption had turned to a heated exchange between the ruling and opposition lawmakers.Last day, Parliament affairs minister alleged that the opposition is not respecting the parliament rules and regulations. Meanwhile, Congress lawmaker Mallikarjuna Kharge indirectly retorted that there is no need to observe the rules when parliament is not in order. Kharge further alleges that the government is not showing the deserved respect to the opposition parties. He avows that they will not allow passing any bill in this situation. Later, the leaders got into a heated discussion over the issue. However, unaffected by the publicity stud of the political readers, the bill was cleared by the voice voting.



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