September 23, 2023
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Tiware dam breaches; death toll reaches six

A dam, situated in the Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, has breached. As many as six people have dead so far in connection with the disaster, and around nineteen others have been declared missing. The rescue team, comprising of the NDRF, police and the local volunteers, has launched its operation to rescue the people. Many villagers have been successfully relocated to the safe camps created by the government.

As per the villagers’ statements, the repeated pleas, made by the villages demanding the reconstruction of the dam, were ignored by the authorities. According to them, they approached many officials to bring their attention to the weak state of the dam.

A senior political executive has admitted of receiving several pleas describing the condition of the affected dam.

The same executive too has declined to mention why the repeated pleas of those living in the vicinity of the dam was not taken into proper consideration.

The Indian state of Maharashtra has been experiencing severe rainfall for last few days. The incessant rainfall has created several minor and major damages across the country.

The concerned authorities should investigate the reason for the sudden breach of the dam. And, if they find the improper maintenance of the dam as the reason for the breach, the responsible persons should be brought before justice.

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