September 26, 2022

Tips to tackle ‘High Blood Pressure’


Non-communicable diseases are more dangerous than communicable diseases. High blood pressure is one such fatal non-communicable disease. It is also a lifestyle disease.

Tens of thousands of people die in the country every year due to the health ailments related to the high blood pressure.

Health experts say that the high blood pressure is the major cause of heart attack.

The normal range of blood at rest is measured between 100-140 millimeters mercury for systolic pressure and 60-90 millimeters mercury for diastolic pressure.

If a person’s blood pressure crosses this limit specified by the medical experts, he/she will be categorised under the list of blood pressure patients.

Like that of the high blood pressure, there is another similar medical condition called the low blood pressure.

Anyway, there are many natural items which help to control these serious non-communicable diseases.

The high blood pressure patients should include magnesium and potassium-rich food items, such as green leafy vegetables, bananas and beetroot, in their daily diet.

Some Ayurveda experts also suggest that the high blood pressure patients should reduce the intake of salty food and fatty and spicy food items.

Control your diet! Stay Healthy!  


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