April 13, 2024
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Tips to fight motion sickness


Many of us have motion sickness. Some live with the difficulty throughout their life and others approach doctors to treat it.

The motion sickness is usually developed due to the body’s inability to comprehend and balance various responses.

Do you know there are certain simple tricks through which one can easily get rid of the motion sickness?

Nausea, vomiting, excessive sweating, headache, and restlessness are the common symptoms of the motion sickness.

These symptoms are usually experienced when one go for a long journey. So, before one enter a vehicle for the journey, he/she should make sure that his/her stomach is half empathy and do not contain any amount of alcohol and the vehicle he/she chooses is fit to go for the trip.

Eating citrus fruits and cardamoms during the journey will help one to keep the motion sickness at the bay. Tamarind and ginger candies will also help to fight the difficulty.

Try to use these simple tricks.


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