July 11, 2020

Time is money – ‘A drop of happiness in your life’

Mr Ajit Ravi’s concept “Time is money” is what attaches him to D-QUE. He wants to create a completely new outlook to the product that world looks at in. With the collaboration with Hornbill Chronotechnology, he wants to reach out to the children “Below Poverty Line”. Everybody needs an inspiration, the brand aims to inspire them to do better each dajit raviay and also teach them value of time by gifting them the most valuable thing on earth, a machine to look at time.


Time is pretty valuable. If you don’t make proper use of it, it can backfire. If you have time, you have everything. Likewise with loss of time we loose everything. To teach the children the value of time is what he aspires. His establishment with brand is to clearly reflect the importance of time in the lives of the underprivileged souls and help them grow with time and tide.

To touch these hearts is his priority, be the catalyst to his journey and experience ‘a drop of happiness in your life.’


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