September 19, 2021


IMG_0071Quality and representation.

Out of the desire to contribute positively to the place they belonged to, Ebenezer International Residential School in Kerala was founded on a profound thought of giving the state a benchmark to look upto. The state-of-the art school has students from different countries, with refined infrastructure and facilities like Internet Café, Swimming Pool, Air-conditioned hostels, Dance and music rooms, Smart classrooms, well equipped gym, indoor game court etc. A few horses are available with the trainer for the children to take lessons. Everyday sumptuous menu changes for the students and have even the bread made by the production unit at the school with finesse, quality and flavour.

Mr. Thomas believes that quality should be modelled first in what we run. Education can be only acquired through hands-on practical experience and real-life challenges. “It’s painful to see how unhealthy competition has crept into the beautiful world of learning, and sadly is injected unwittingly by parents who perpetuate the evil of stiff competition for petty marks amongst kids.“

Inspiration and role models.

Eventhough Mr. Jaan Thomas do not like to copy anyone in his life, he considers his Father, Mr. T.T. Thomas as his guide and motivation. Dr. T T Thomas is a self-made man, the senior most pastor, educationalist, agriculturist, and a very renowned businessman in Bahrain. Following his illustrious career with civil engineering and construction, Mr. T.T. Thomas founded and is the Chairman of the New Indian School, where Dr. Ravi Pillai, who is the second wealthiest malayalee in the world, the Vice Chairman. Mr. T.T. Thomas accompanied HH Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown prince, to India during his last visit.

Mr. Jaan Thomas gratefully remembers Late Padmashri Dr. M.A. Thomas, who strongly believed that “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” He was a patron and a family friend, who taught him to take life as it comes. His life epitomises spiritual craving for the impoverished, where with much opposition, their perseverance prevailed. Mr.Thomas goes on quoting, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. Those who know him near, would know how much true he lives upto this quote. It is true-“God needs ordinary people to perform the extraordinary feat”.



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