September 23, 2023
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Human Rights authority demands report on munitions in OKF

The NHRC has demanded central government report on the unused and undisposed military weapons in the Ordinance Factory in Madhya Pradesh. Reports say that the huge deposit of explosives includes the unused explosives of the Kargil War. It added that the factory is creating big risk to the human life as it is situated in the crowded part of the State. Earlier, the Human Rights authorities found that numerous health risk is been produced by the factory. According to a report, the defusing agencies are unwilling to take up the defusing project considering the risk factor of the project. It is believed that different varieties of explosives are stored in the factory and that add the risk factor of the defusing project. As the OKF comes under the earthquake region, it further increases the possibility of an unexpected danger. Recently, there were reports about the unexpected explosions in the region. However, the lower intensity of those explosions had evaded a disaster. Early December, around two security guards were reportedly injured in one such explosion. Even though the issue was submitted for consideration several times, the authorities had failed to take action; according to a voice in the report. The factory was constructed by the British rulers during the Second World War for supplying military weapons to their alleys.



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