March 1, 2024
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The magical power of Neem Leaves

Having a flawless and healthy skin is the greatest desire for every woman. With our present environment, pollution around, lifestyle, chemical reactions etc. It turns out to be totally challenging to have a glowing skin.

Here are some good natural therapy to try around this weekend. The goodness of Neem most of us, have heard from our elders. After all natural remedies for skin would not harm rather enhance the skin healthier.

Listing out few magical natural remedies with Neem leaves that tend to show a clear facial skin tone.

  1. Neem and Basil leave is something most of us have in our house garden. The antiseptic properties of basil and a combination of Neem is proved to be helpful for all skin type.
  2. What you need:Handfull of fresh and washed neem and basil leaves1 tsp of honey (avoid this for oily skin)

    1 tsp of Multani Mitti or sandalwood powder (only for oily skin).


    Make a fine dry powder with Neem and basil leaves. Based on the skin type add honey or sandalwood powder. Mix this combination with few drops of normal temperature water to form a fine paste. Apply this Neem and basil face pack on to the face, rise it after  10-15 minutes with cold water.

    Trying this out every week once will reduce the acne and blemishes the dark spots.

    1. This combination with Neem and turmeric works great for dry and oily skin. This face pack with turmeric will reduce the dryness of the skin and leave a glowing skin.

    What you need:

    2 tsp of neem paste

    3 pinch of turmeric powder (prefer with homemade turmeric)

    1 tsp whipped cream (only for dry skin)


    Blend all this together (skip whipped cream oily skin) with water and make a fine thick paste. Gently apply this paste on the face and face area. Rinse it with cold water after 10 minutes of wait.

    Note: Appling a moisturizer after the wash will leave the skin extra soft.

    1. Neem and tomato is a rare combination that is ideal for normal to oily skin type. This promotes the skin to be fresh and hydrated. It also clears the pimple marks and leaves the skin glowing.

    What you need:

    1 tomato juicy pulp

    Neem leaves (handful)


    Blend the neem leaves into fine powder, mix it with the tomato juicy pulp. Add drops of water if it is too dry and apply it on to the face skin

    Dhanya Ravi

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