May 26, 2024
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The Flat White Coffee: A Tale of Two Nations

The origins of the flat white coffee have sparked a spirited debate between Australia and New Zealand, with each country laying claim to the invention of this beloved brew. However, amidst the fervor of the argument, it becomes evident that the truth may lie in the shared evolution of the flat white in both nations.

Australia’s Claim

Australia boasts a rich coffee culture, with its bustling cafes serving as hubs of innovation and creativity. According to some accounts, the flat white first emerged in the cafes of Sydney and Melbourne in the 1980s. Australians argue that the flat white was born out of a desire for a smoother, creamier alternative to traditional espresso-based drinks like the cappuccino or latte.

New Zealand’s Assertion

On the other side of the Tasman Sea, New Zealanders proudly stake their claim to the flat white’s invention. They argue that Kiwi baristas were the true pioneers, crafting the flat white in the cafes of Wellington and Auckland around the same time as their Australian counterparts. New Zealanders emphasize the importance of their coffee culture and the unique way in which they prepare and serve their beverages.

A Shared Evolution

Despite the heated debate, it is plausible that the flat white evolved simultaneously in both Australia and New Zealand. As neighboring nations with intertwined histories, it’s not surprising that cultural exchanges would have influenced the development of coffee culture in both countries. It’s likely that baristas on both sides of the Tasman Sea experimented with different brewing techniques and milk textures, eventually giving rise to what we now know as the flat white.


In the end, while the question of who invented the flat white remains unanswered, what’s clear is that this iconic coffee drink has become an integral part of both Australian and New Zealand coffee cultures. Rather than focusing on the origins, perhaps it’s more important to celebrate the shared love and passion for coffee that unites these two nations. So, whether you’re sipping a flat white in a Melbourne laneway or a Wellington cafe, remember that you’re partaking in a tradition that transcends borders and embodies the spirit of collaboration and creativity.

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