May 25, 2024
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The Badshah of Bollywood shows his singing Skills! Lets have a look at it!

Shah Rukh Khan is a multi-gifted star. He delivers not only in movies but also in music. The Bollywood genius cut down the house with his singing abilities at the I for India show held live on Facebook on Sunday.

The entertainer shut the show with a melody formed by rapper Badshah and wrote by lyricist Sainee Raj. Titled Sab Sahi Ho Jayega, the tune is about the dangers of being bolted up inside homes and the expectation that sometime the world will be coronavirus free.

“Everybody who realizes me realizes that I can’t sing to spare my life. So thank you for taking a risk on me, everyone. In any case, that is the thing that life is about, it’s about acceptable possibilities, expectation, generosity and sympathy and that is the thing that we are here to do on this stage to share love and empathy in the manner we can,” Shah Rukh said before breaking forward into singing.

Shah Rukh’s child, AbRam, likewise showed up during his presentation and the pair set up some cute  moves together. Towards the end, when the SRK said he could go for “one more”, AbRam entertainingly stated, “Papa, enough now.”

“Shah Rukh likewise took to Twitter to share his exhibition cut with fans. He tweeted, “Extremely grateful to #IforIndia, @Its_Badshah & @cacklerraj for music, lyrics & for working overnight. Thanks Sunil for the edit. All so that I could sing. Ab bhai,lockdown mein mujhe gaate hue bhi jhelna padhega. AbRam is saying ‘papa enough now!’ Par Sab Sahi Ho Jaayega!” (sic)



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