May 26, 2024
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Kerala to take tough stand against CRZ violators

The Indian state of Kerala is set to take a tough stand against the Coastal Regulation Zone violators.

The state is going to conduct a state-wide survey to identify the violations of the CRZ norms. It is expected to cover all the ten coastal districts thoroughly.

The decision to intensify the measures to identify the violators of the CRZ norms has come on the wake of the Maradu issue, which has brought huge criticism to the state.

Earlier, a similar attempt tasted defeat as the local bodies in certain regions in the state offered not much cooperation to the process then.

Recently, the state assured the top court that it would complete the process of the identification of the violators of the CRZ norms within the timeframe of four months.

The move is likely to receive opposition as it is expected to affect several illegal constructions in the CRZ area.

The move is likely to help Kerala to enter the good book of the environment activists in the state.

It is one of the boldest steps the state government has taken in its recent history. It is high time to introduce a tough policy to fight the issue of CRZ violation.

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