June 7, 2023
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Hong Kong protesters organise protest to disrupt anniversary celebration of Communist China

Protesters in Hong Kong have disrupted the seventieth anniversary celebration of the Communist rule in the Asian state of China.

The protest has been organised to express the protesters’ disagreement over the police’s decision to deny permission for the organisation of protest on the day of anniversary.

During the protest, the police have clashed with the protesters openly. They have even used teargas shells, rubber bullets and water cannons against the protesters. Several protesters have been injured due to the police atrocities.

This time, the protesters have responded to the police atrocities violently. They have defended themselves with umbrellas and gas masks. They have even attacked the police with petrol bombs.

Hong Kong came under the control of China during the late 1990s. Since then, the region has been ruled by China under the One Country Two System policy.

Lately, China has tried to change that policy to the One Country One System policy. The people of Hong Kong have protested against the move strongly. The latest is also a part of that resistance.

The territory of Hong Kong is in the state of unrest since the latest attempt of the Chinese government to influence the politics of the region with the introduction of a controversial law – which aims to make effortless the deportation of people of Hong Kong to the Chinese mainland.

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