May 26, 2022
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Temple set on fire in Jammu and Kashmir: Kashmiri Pandits Suspicious about the incident; Police deny allegations

Fire at a temple in Jammu Kashmir. Kashmiri Pandits came to the scene alleging suspicion in the incident. However, the police said that the incident was dangerous and the situation was brought back to normal after the fire was extinguished. Police said only minor damage was reported.

The fire broke out at the Mata Lalita Tripura Sundari temple in Devsar on Friday morning. The Kulgam district police chief tweeted that there was a small fire at the temple and that it was clear from the preliminary investigation that it was dangerous and that further investigation would be carried out. The incident was reported by news agency PTI.

But Kashmiri pundits say the incident was premeditated. They also alleged that the police were trying to cover up the reality. Their argument is that it is less likely to catch fire in such cold conditions. They also demanded further investigation into the incident. However, police said that the temple was cleared by the army at midnight and a fire may have started in the meantime. The Army has not commented on the matter.

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