December 11, 2023
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Telangana set to reorganise its districts


In what could be termed as a big revamp since the bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh by the then UPA government after the several-decade-long struggle, the newly formed Telangana government has decided to reorganise its districts.The government headed by Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has submitted a draft bill regarding the reorganisation of districts.   Presently, there are nearly ten districts inside the boundary of the state. If the reorganisation is materialised, there will be at least seventeen districts. The move is aimed at gaining administrative easiness, and development. The details regarding the new move had been initially publicised by the CM itself on last week. Later, he called an all-party-meeting to earn the assent of other political organisations in the state. It is learned that he got a positive response from all political parties.It reportedly assured the political parties that he would convene at least two other meetings before making the final submission.The common public would get around thirty days to file their objections or suggestions.  For the reorganisation purpose, the government launched a new website,

The disagreements filed by the common people will be published on the official website to ensure transparency in the reorganisation procedure.While speaking to the media personals, the CM asserts that through this move, the state aims to achieve betterment, administrative easiness, and development.Telangana is the newest state of our country. It is one of the under-developed regions of the South India. The presence of leftist rebels in the region makes things even more worst. The state definitely needs a well-planned growth.



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